Business Internship Program in USA,
Faculty of Management and Information Sciences

by Shintaro Abe

     From the 2nd to the 12th of September, 2013, the Business Internship Program in the USA was conducted by the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences. JIU and the University of California Riverside, a sister university of Josai University Educational Corporation, closely cooperated on the planning of this program.
     The students, from sophomores to seniors, participated in this program and visited a variety of companies and places around Riverside, California.

Contents of the program

     This program, characterized as fieldwork, focused on visiting business people and corporations. Super Target, the second-largest discount retailer in the United States was one of them. Two young marketing directors explained the store operations, and the directors and students had an enthusiastic discussion.
     The visit to Galleria at Tyler, a regional shopping mall located in Riverside, became a precious experience. It houses over 170 stores. The manager showed the students around the stores and talked about what it takes to run a regional mall. The students were interested to hear that there were four anchor stores, such as H&M, Nordstrom, Macy’s and JC Penney, each of them being a different type of retailer targeting specific generations and classes of consumers.

From the desert to the beach and from San Diego

     The program also focused on understanding how the climate, landscape and culture in the USA influence business strategies and decisions. The students, staying with host families in Riverside County, learned about the American lifestyle and everyday English.
     Palm Springs, the desert area and Santa Monica, a famous and typical Californian beach town were included as site visits. The opportunities to go to two large cities, Los Angeles and San Diego were also the highlights of the program. Ten days in the United States was just a short period, but the students could go to see as many business people and places as possible.

Participants’ Comments  

     The program was successful in motivating students to study more about international business and English. Some of them say they have become so interested in studying in the USA for a longer period that they are trying to apply for the JEAP: Josai International Education Abroad Program.
     The main purpose of this program, to cultivate students’ basic capabilities and motivations to play an active role in global business scenes, was thus accomplised.
     The participants are making a presentation at the JIU Festival about the program so they can share their experiences in the USA with fellow students in their faculty. They say they are appealing to other students and would-be students in high school to take part in this program in the future.

     Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)approved this Business Internship Program in the USA as their ‘Industrial Countries Instrument Education Co-operation Programme,’ and provided a scholarship with most of the students to participate in this program in the USA.

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