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The World's Biggest Lesson in 2016 held in Togane, Minori no Sato


Impressions of the participating students

昨年度から始めた「世界一大きな授業」を、今年も大学内と東金 みのりの郷で開講させて頂きました。学内では国際開発や国際協力に興味関心を持っている学生たちを対象に行うことができ、また東金のみのりの郷では、子どもからご高齢の方まで、幅広い層から参加して頂き、多くの方々に、世界の教育の事情について知ってもらえたと思います。今後も多くの方々に知っていただける活動を国際開発研究会から発信していきたいと考えています。(国際交流学科3年 新井さん)

In this year’s edition of The World`s Biggest Lesson, initiated in 2015, courses were also held at our university and in Togane Minori no Sato. Not only students from our school who are interested in international development or international cooperation, but also participants at Togane Minori no Sato, ranging from children to the elderly people, learned a lot about the world`s education and about the situation across the globe. From now on, I would like to join the activities I have learned about from the JIU Students’ International Development Society.


(国際交流学科4年 山口さん)

Recently, classes of The World’s Biggest Lesson have been conducted with the participation of residents from Togane Minori no Sato. After we listened to a presentation about literacy rate and the human rights activist Malala Yousafzai, we exchanged views and conducted a discussion about what we ourselves can do with regard to this matter. The opportunity to think about the things that do not usually occupy my mind in everyday life has become, over time, a very precious experience for me. I am happy that these classes have become a trigger to make all the participants a little more interested in international cooperation.